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10+ Years Exp. Interpreter, Sourcing Agent, QC, Shipping Guangzhou/Foshan

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  • Reynold L.

    #811203  / Male, Age:37 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Guangzhou

    Available travel to: Foshan and others


    A)Fluently in English, Mandarin, Cantonese
    B)10 Year experience for interpreter/translator/sourcing/trading business
    C)Professional in One-stop sourcing service/business negotiation/order follow up/QC/Shipment
    D)Know very well on China wholesale market. Extensive experience with certification, an


    English: Excellent
    Spanish: Simple Communication
    Cantonese: Excellent

    Has work experience in United Kingdom

    Work Experience: 15 Year(s)

    Major: English and International Trade Affairs

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  • Details Reviews(1) Case Sharing Industry Info

    Hi there, my name is Reynold, my objective is to be my clients' eyes and ears in China 
    to establish their own supplier chain & reduce the risk of importing from China. 

    For more than 10 years, I have worked as a trading business insider, from a merchandiser
     to a regional sales executive, then account manager of well-known quality control company. I also have unique experience negotiating with suppliers 
    (since I was a supplier, that makes me have deep understanding in their decision-making process and quoting strategy ) Specializing in international trading business & assisting 
    the foriegn buyer establish their own supply chain in China. Skilled at product sourcing, order follow up and quality control; including business interpreting, negotiation,
    shipment arrangement, and inspection.Extensive experience with lab testing, certification, and safety requirement for importing to different countries. 

    --What Makes Us Different--
    More than Interpreter: Proficient language skill is a basic requirement for ourselves, but we understand 
    this doesn’t contribute enough added value to our clients. Our experience will help you to cut off 
    unnecessary cost during importing from China and prevent risks of doing business here.

    --They believe us--
    My successful work history consists of helping well-known retailers(Clas ohlson, Bricorama), major brands(Sportmaster) and onlinestore owners. 

    As customer service is our #1 priority, we are providing after-sales support up to three (3) months when a project is completed.

    -- Wholesale market, factory visit, trade show and business conference
    -- Make sure you develop a partnership with supplier smoothly without influence of cultural difference
    -- experience-based advice

    -- Locating your target product on-time and within budget
    -- Former manufacturer to negotiate for you
    -- 100% satisfaction (or your money back)

    -- We take care of your shipment arrangement in Asia under the best cost control.
    -- Optimize the shipment schedule and the ship route
    -- No more delay or poor handling of your cargo

    Airport pick up: HK & Guangzhou airport
    Factory visit trip: English Speaking driver

    Some of my interpreter/sourcing experience
    1. Help to operate the tender of the French home-improvement retailer “Bricorama”, including purchasing solution presentation and bidding material preparation.

    2. I cooperated with Swedish outdoor lighting manufacturer “Bockia” to promote its high-end series “mooni”: mainly responsible for marketing in the European region, identifying target customers, repositioning the products and supervising the actual implementation of team members

    3. I played a major project manager role in the product-development project with Swedish hardware chain store “Clas Ohlson” on its solar light collection, controlling project schedule and being a coordinator between client and technical dept.

    4. Followed up project with global discount supermarket chain “ALDI”, such as: BSCI factory audit, technical test(CE, ROHS, REACH and FFU), controlled the shipment schedule. Managed to expanded sales area to “ALDI Netherland” after a considerable period of reliable performance.

    5. Indaba exploration travel company- Arranged a customized visiting schedule for RV travel vehicle parts and accessories for company team member such as team clothes, company event goods. Successfully arranged from sourcing to container shipment to South Africa.

    6. Gosun Co. -Being an interpreter for meeting with factories and travel in wholesale markets for advanced outdoor products. Provide sourcing service for their accessories products.

    7. House building and decoration project- Successfully help to establish a German couple for their Valle Response for interpreting in building material and furniture wholesale markets. Sourcing ceramic, cabinet, tiles, chairs, table and other furniture, order follow-up, made compliance documents, QC, container delivery door to door to Germany.

    8.Vavoom Style furniture co- Be an interpreter for new Zealand client in Guangzhou CCIF and Shanghai CCIF. Successfully provide order follow up, and quality check the furniture, arranged shipment for 40” container.

    9.Beverly lingerie fashion Company- Being an interpreter and sourcing agent for American clients for fashion lingerie and fitness legging in factories and wholesale markets.

    10.Halo Technology- Being an interpreter to do business negotiation with hoverboard factories for US clients.

    11. Hardware store procurement project from Mauritius- Plan a visit factory and wholesale trips from customers, help to source product and price negotiation, order follow up and arrange shipment.

    12.Mosul International- Being an interpreter with Mexican clients in Canton Fair.

    13. Olympic games- Being an interpreter and project manager in London UK, helping to translate Chinese and English between Chinese factory and British staff in Olympic games.

    14. I have been to Korea on-site interpretation for installation, testing and production running of table tennis table.

    15.Landmark hotel-Being an interpreter between Chinese suppliers and Indian clients.Plan a furniture sourcing trips in Foshan and Guangzhou. Successfully being sourcing agent provide order follow and container shipping to India.

    16.Interior(lighting UK)- Being an interpreter with UK clients for copper lamp and lighting in Zhongshan. Attend lighting Fair and Canton Fair.

    17. Brazil Chinese General Chamber of Commerce- Being a sourcing partner in China. Provide sourcing-order follow up service to their member.

    18.Smart technology mobile phone component-Being an interpreter with UK clients in Guangzhou and Shenzhen for mobile parts.

    19. Traffic way develop electronic products-Being an interpreter with Australian clients for novelty products.

    20.Pansie fashion Co- Being an interpreter with Australian clients sourcing fabric and apparel factory.

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    • To:ATTU
      Mr.Afshin Badie,V/P of ATTU
      Mr.Reynold Lee , Charge Person in the Double Fish Company

      Dear Mr. Cai Zhenhua;
      Esteemed President of ATTU

      Hereby it is my pleasure to inform you that we have received the 2010
      CTTA Equipment Assistance Plan.
      We would like to express our appreciations to you and Mr. Reynold Lee
      for your all invaluable assistance has provided us during the process
      of the goods release.
      Again thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
      Best wishes for your good health and happiness.

      Mohammad Zarepour
      President of Iran Table Tennis Federation
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