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Dear Freeiva,

Hello again from Finland!

Just a quick note to inform you that we were very satisfied with Ms Zheng!

She is a nice person, very easy to work with, knowledgeable and caring. She also made us possible to discover Beijing in such extend that it would have been impossible without her assistance - we had never before realised how huge a city Beijing is...

With Ms Zheng's help we could locate all the places we wanted to see, she arranged us to Chinese Medicin Hospital (Tong Ren Tang), helped us to get airtickets to Vietnam at a reasonable price and - best of all - introduced us to Chinese way of life. She also listened to us and arranged things the way we wanted - for example eating in such places where local people eat, not fancy hotel restaurants, but exactly the places to our greatest pleasure.

Please, tell Ms Zheng our loving greetings: she really made our Beijing visit great!

I have been several times in Beijing for business and leisure. I have to say that Leo is absolutely the best. reliable, sincere guide I ever had.

With Leo on your side you can see and understand the hystorical monuments of the wonderful beijing and, to me most important, understand how the people live, their habits and behaviours, This aspect makes the trip even more enjoiable getting in contact with the real China.

I strongly reccomend Leo, trust in him and you won't be disappointed.
Thank you Leo, hope to come back soon. Sincerely

I would highly recommend Fiona Zhu to others wishing to hire an interpreter in China. She helped me find all the information I needed, find & communicate with everyone I hoped to talk with and accomplish all my objectives. She often anticipated my needs before I even asked. She also an exceptionally friendly, intelligent & good humored ravel partner. Her knowledge of English is excellent, although not perfect, and her professional and positive attitude would make her my first choice even over a more fluent speaker. Thank you for the fantastic service and a new friend! I hope to see Fiona again.

Care L. Lee
Writer/Still Photographer/TV Producer

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About Beijing

As the proud capital of modern China, Beijing is fast becoming a popular and fashionable tourist destination. And for good reason too. Beijing is not only the modern political, cultural and educational center of China, but holds the biggest collection of ancient sites and relics in the nation. Beijing has been at the center of China and the heart and soul of politics and society for over 5000 years. If the pace of change in the city today is anything to judge by, Beijing is determined to stay at the forefront of Chinese civilization.

As you fly into the city, the most famous site in all of China, the Great Wall, rises up beneath, slithering its way like a dragon along the tops of the surrounding mountains. Seen from above, other city sites gradually appear, well ordered and arranged in a grid, in keeping with the principles of Feng Shui.

The sheer size of the city is reflected at almost every level. The magnificent Forbidden City and the vast Tiananmen Square all add to the feeling and atmosphere that Beijing is, and always has been, a city that means business. Home to over 1000 years of imperial rule, and now the hub of modern China's political system, Beijing is a city with a lot to offer.

Any visit to this modern capital must include a trip to the major historical sites. But it's certainly worth getting to know Beijing a little deeper than this. Take some time and make the effort to explore the sites that are less well known. The Hutongs, the small windy alleyways between the city's main boulevards are delightful. Taking a stroll here, you'll experience the more authentic parts of the city and really get to grips with the old Beijing. The city is ideally located too, for trips outside Beijing itself. Follow the trend set by the emperors and take a retreat away from hectic city life to the Summer Palace.

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Beijing Key Attractions

The Great Wall,Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Yonghegong,Peking Opera of China,Lama Temple,Beijing Hutong,The Temple of Heaven, Xiushui Market. it is a market for you to hire a beijing tour, beijing travel guide, beijing travel service,beijing city guide,beijing travel,china tour guide, beijing guide, beijing interpreter,beijing business assistant,beijing meeting interpreter, beijing travel companion,beijing translator, beijing exihition interpreter,china translator. Find suitable interpreter-translator in Beijing (Interpreter+ Assistant +Local Guide)

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