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" The interpreter(Spring) is really over wealthy of the translation fee that I have paid, she definitely will help to earn more money for me..."
Ronald Bruce ( Owner)

Need to hire consecutive interpreter,simultaneous interpreting and telelphone interpreting service in China?

FREEIVA offers a complete range of chinese interpreting/interpreter services in Shanghai, Beijing,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and throughout China to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a conference interpreted simultaneously, a business meeting interpreted consecutively or telephone interpreting, we have the suitable interpreter for your interpreting needs in China.

What is Consecutive Interpreting(CI)?

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections, i.e. consecutively. Whilst the speaker is talking, the interpreter may take notes, and then when the speaker stops, the interpreter translates what has been said into the target language. The interpreter will reproduce what has been said accurately and faithfully.

For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters can work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Who is consecutive interpreting useful for?

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for a number of different settings. Most commonly, it is used to small to medium-sized gatherings, but is perfectly acceptable for larger gatherings with the help of a microphone and loudspeakers.

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What is Simultaneous Interpreting(SI)?

Simultaneous is the most anonymous and impersonal type of interpreting. Most of the time, it requires the interpreter to be "behind the scenes", often in a soundproof booth or room, and often working with special interpreting equipment, headphones and microphones.

For simultaneous interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters only work into their mother tongue.

Who is simultaneous interpreting useful for?

This type of interpreting is particularly useful for big-scale conferences, where a sizable portion of the audience will not understand the source language. Quite often, more than one language pair is required.

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What is Telephone Interpreting(TI)?

Telephone interpreting is a type of consecutive interpreting. It involves a three-way or conference telephone call. The interpreter takes notes throughout, and once each chunk of speech has been uttered, the interpreter translates what has been said into the target language.

This is the most flexible type of interpreting, as the interpreter does not have to be physically present, but can be anywhere and only requires a telephone. For telephone interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters can work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Who is telephone interpreting useful for?

Telephone interpreting is particularly appropriate when it is not possible for the the client and the interpreter to be in the same location.

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Dear Freeiva

Before I left for China, I was quite hesitant of the unexpected. IVA(Liya) reassured me from the start that my trip details would be well organized and that it would run like clock work.

As promised a few days before flying out to China she sent me an e-mail with a very detailed excel spreadsheet of my scheduled visits. Once we agreed on the best route, she then made arrangements with most of the producers that we were to visit during the first four days of my trip.

Interestingly enough she had also prepared the necessary notes of how to locate the factories and obtained the necessary mobile numbers of all the principals that we were to meet with. Keeping each visit closely informed of our ETA's. I later understood the importance of all these preparations that she had done. China's industrial and village areas often time lack the proper road signs and drivers all too often don't know the remote roads of other distant villages.

Fortunately for me that I had an experienced guide and translator who knew of the complexities involved with these travels. Having been well prepared paid off well. It simplified matters for us and the drivers and the trip ran ever so smooth.

During the week that we spent visiting suppliers, Liya was always on time and very professional of her work. Since her family had its own domestic business she was very knowledgeable of the procurement processes involved when dealing with overseas customers. She has great business acumen, and is extremely skilled with China's manufacturing industries and the various industrial business regions.She is a great consultant/partner for anyone thinking of starting a business to or from China. Her English is excellent; she is dynamic and truly enjoys her line of work. Her tasks were always done professionally and on time.

I thank you Liya for the efforts you put in to ensure I had a wonderful trip in China and for having exceeded my expectations.I would gladly recommend Liya Wang to anyone who is heading to China for business.

She will make a success of your business trip!

Thank you Freeiva, you have a great website!

Mario Serio
Global Procurement Dir.

Dear Freeiva,

Thank you so much for sending me Spring, she is so excellent and I am totally satisfied with her professional service.

She give me lots of free consultation about Guangzhou wholesale market, she is very familiar about Guangzhou wholesale market. She accompanied me visit 4 factories, and I changed my traveling schedule after meet her. I want to know more about Guangzhou. She accompanied me to copy brand clothes market, copy watch market, copy brand handbag market, copy shoes market, children's clothes market, fabric and accessories market, toy & gift market.

She is really over wealthy of the translation fee that I have paid, she definitely will help to earn more money for me.

She is professional about purchase agency, I visit her company and I think I am convinced to rely on her for the future business, to let their company pick up all the items for me and send to me.

Spring is definitely top five star Iva, I am so happy to have her service.
thank you.

Ronald Bruce (Owner)

Dear Freeiva Team,

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that my interpreter on Canton Fair, Liya Wang exceeded all my expectations.

She has so many good qualities that it will be difficult to list them all. First of all, her command of English is of a high order. Her understanding of what my interests were was established during our preliminary e-mails and she devised a really good programme for me.

Once we met, she turned out to be a person of great charm and sensitivity. She was very flexible, making decisions as the situation requifred it. She was most protective of me and made sure I was safe. She was a great companion in all things; very well informed, including the best places to eat. She was also careful not to make me spend more than was appropriate. I really enjoyed the time spent with her and only wish I had known about her earlier. Instead of only three days, I would have spent the whole week having her as my guide.

Thank you for having put me in touch with such a delightful person.


Marta Clare
United Kingdom

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