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I would like to thank the Freeiva service for providing an excellent individual to assist me during my travels in China these last two weeks. Sissi Jiang has very good English language skill and was invaluable during several negotiations carried out in many situations.She was an excellent companion,friendly and patient with the challenges we encountered.Sissi is very professional and during the many factory visits we attended she intuitively responded correctly to high level discussions.

My over all opinion is that Sissi Jiang is '5 star'.

Benjamin Beste (Engineer)
Hello Freeiva Team,

We enjoyed Rose's service in Shanghai very much. She tried very hard help us in very details of our trip to Shanghai from choosing an approperate hotel to the creation of our tour plan.

In Shanghai she tried her best to complete our tour plan and to explain everything patiently and carefully in details to us.

Because of her bright and charming personality, we got along very well with her immediately. Her English is excellent and though our daily tour got very long, she was always smiling,friendly, and humorous to us and tried to make the tour go smoothly and to make us happy all the time. She always tried to consider for us first in any aspects which we did appreciate it very much!!!

We can be sure that Rose is professional, hardworking, patient, considerated, funny and glamorous.

We enjoyed the wonderful time with Rose in Shanghai very much. Thank you very much for the trip that we will miss for years!

Yours faithfully,


Thank you very much for the excellent job that you have done. You helped me get in touch with new suppliers and find products that were really hard to find. You also saved me some unnecessary trips to Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu.

In addition, you were a very good shopping companion that took me to the right places and helped me get really low prices.

I will get in touch with you next time I visit Shanghai and hope you are available. Your smile and positive attitude made hard things become easy. I recommend you to every business and tourist traveler.

Micheal (USA)

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About Shanghai

Throughout the past century, Shanghai has had numerous name tags attached to it; the "Paris of the Orient" and the "Pearl Of China". Images of Shanghai more than any other Chinese city, are bountiful in the west. A visit here therefore, is naturally tainted to some extent, with a preconception of how the city will be.

As the largest and most prosperous city in the nation, Shanghai is the economic, financial and cultural center of China, where Beijing is the political heart. And this image of Shanghai as a fast and modern metropolis is certainly the one that most visitors take away. Those old preconceptions of Shanghai as the home of crime vice and prostitutes are wiped away, as the city successfully projects an image of itself as young, vibrant and cool.

Shanghai is a modern and fast paced city, rich in history and culture and with a wealth of areas and sites just waiting to be explored. One of the nicest aspects of Shanghai is that the crowds here are much more manageable than in a city like Beijing. This is largely because there are no great ancient sites which people flock too. Rather, this is a city to be walked, wandered, explored and discovered in your own time and, in your own style.

Shanghai Weather ( C )

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Shanghai Key Attractions

The Bund, Yuyuan, Chenghuang Miao, Dashijie (Great World Entertainment), Huxinting, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Renmin Square( People's Square), Zhou Enlai's Former Residence,Song Qingling's Former Residence, Sun Yatsen Former Residence, Xujiahui Cathedral and Huangpu River Tour,zhujiajiao,zhouzhuang. --- it is a market for you to hire a shanghai tour, shanghai travel guide, shanghai travel service,shanghai city guide,shanghai travel,china tour guide, shanghai guide, shanghai interpreter,shanghai business assistant,shanghai meeting interpreter, shanghai travel companion,shanghai translator, shanghai exihition interpreter,china translator. Find suitable interpreter-translator in Shanghai (Interpreter+ Assistant +Local Guide)

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