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Business assistant/interpreter /sourcing agent in Yiwu China

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  • selina w.

    #811340  / Female, Age:43 / Associate Degree

    City of residence: Yiwu

    Available travel to: Ningbo and others


    Have 12 years work experience in a foreign trading company since 2003.good at sourcing & market research,factory visiting,Negotiating on behalf of clients, quality checking, shipping,
    custom clearance etc.


    English: Excellent

    Work Experience: 22 Year(s)

    Major: marketing

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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to China! This is Selina, an honest, reliable,hard-woking freelance business assistance in Yiwu China。 I have 12 years'experience in translation and sourcing,following up order,quality control and trading details. I have traveled across China with customers as business interpreter and local partner.

    I have been doing all kinds of business sourcing, market research, negotiating price with factory, warehouse-shipping arrangements, documentation and customs clearance. I am very familiar with Yiwu market, I had been working as a business interpreter and sourcing agent for over a decade. I had traveled all over China to help my clients find the best products at the best prices. My experience and expertise were highly sought after, and she had built up an impressive network of suppliers and manufacturers.

    Service Provided:
    1)Business Interpretation : trade fair, market research, factory visiting,Negotiating price for buyer,arranging container, shipping etc

    1. Book a good price hotel and pick you up from airport
    2. Business guide & market research & factory visiting & negotiating price
    for buyer.
    3. Local attractions accompany/guide

    Some Interpretation Experience:

    1. Australial client: main task is to sourcing sport products like Gym fitness, Dumbbell, Yoga products in China.

    2. United States client:Being a business interpreter for Gift box,Wrapping Paper products

    3. United States client:Being a business interpreter for Packing product,including Kraft bag shredded paper...

    4. Brazil client: Being sourcing agent for Ketchenware products, including Kitchen tools, Glass food stroge, Stainless Ssteel cookware.

    5. United States client: Being business interpreter for Vacuum Thermos Cup, Spice bottle, Kettle...

    6. Australia Client: Being sourcing agent for sport products, including Yoga products, inversion Table, Spinning,Dumbbell Stool...

    7. United States client:being sourcing assistant and interpreter for outsport products.

    8. United States client:Being interpreter and travel assistant, main task is factory tour and tour in China.

    9. Canada client: Being business interpreter, assist client to buy stationery product in Yiwu market.

    10. New Zealand client: Being interpreter and sourcing assistant to assist client for factory tour.

    11. Germany client: as local partner for order following up, quality inspection and shipping...

    12. One time, USA client told me he wants to compare food flask price from China than Africa, I told him to send sample to me, after received sample,start looking for qualified factory by catalogue and internet, then I took all his samples to factory with camera and note book by bus from Yiwu to Guangzhou by myself. I was rent a small car to show factory all samples and noted price from every factory.price including tooling charge & mininum qty & delivery time etc.finally i organized all details and best price to send to buyer, he was very satisfied my work.

    Here i am also provide industry category in Yiwu wholesale market as following

    1) Yiwu international trade mart district 1
    1F Artificial Flower Toy Flower Accessories
    2F Hair Ornamen Jewelry Omament
    3F Ornament Accessories Frame Ceramic & Crystal Tourism Craft
    Festival Craft Decorative Craft
    4F Taiwan Mall(flower/omaments/craft)
    factory outlets(toys/flower/omaments/accessories)

    2) Yiwu international trade mart district 2
    1F Rain wear & pack suitcase bag, umbrella
    2F electrial products Hardware tools /accessories ,lock, vehicle
    3F Kitchen , sanitary hardware , small home appliances
    telecommnications ,electronic appliances, photographic
    equipment, battery, lamp flash light(electronics) clock,watch
    4F hardware , eletronics , elecronics
    5F featured products

    3) Yiwu international trade mart district 3
    -1F new year picture, wall calendary , couplet
    1F pen & ink& paper, eyeglasses
    2F Leisure& Entertainment products, sports goods
    office& study stationery
    3F Mirror & Comb , buton zipper, cosmetic accessories,
    cosmetics Beauty products, Apparel accessories
    4F factory outlets -cosmetics beauty products
    factory outlets-sports goods, stationery, outdoor products
    factory outlets-garment accessories
    5F painting /frame

    4) Yiwu international trade city district 4
    1F socks/leggings
    2F knitted goods, hat& cap, gloves, daily necessities, earmuffs
    3F Caddies , towel , thread& tape, shoes,lace, tie
    4F belt Bra & Underwear Scraft
    5F Shoes Dily necessities, Garments, Tourism and shopping center
    frame accessories
    5) Yiwu international trade city district 5
    1F African products exhibition & trade center, Im-omaments/craft
    ICM-Garments/daily consumable, ICM-foods/Healthy products
    other imported goods
    2F Bedding Chinese knot, Diy handiceaft
    4F car & motorcycle accessories, car necessities
    commodity distribution
    5F online services ,Virtual shops

    6) Yiwu Huangyuan market
    1F Trousers Jeans
    2F Men's wear
    3F Women's wear
    4F Pajamas Sweater,sport wear
    5F Children's wear

    7) Yiwu production Material Market
    1F Printing, packing machine, industry electrical machine
    logistic equipment, artificial flower accessories
    2F Food processing machine, priniting& packing machine
    engine& generating equipment, ribbon loom & injection machine
    measuring tools & knife
    3F Home-decoration light, Lighting equipment, festival light,
    engineering light, delicate home lighting area
    4F leather

    All above, i can be your proactive business assistant in China.i am looking forward to hear a great deal about you and be your excellent business interpreter and agent.

    Hope to work with you.


    » Business Tips

    wholesale market in yiwu
    1) Yiwu international trade mart district 1 1F Artificial Flower Toy Flower Accessories 2F Hair Ornamen Jewelry Omament 3F Ornament Accessories Frame Ceramic & Crystal Tourism Craft Festival Craft Decorative Craft 4F Taiwan Mall(flower/omaments/cr ...

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    • I was very happy with Selina's services while in Yiwu. She was very well versed in the market and how it worked - and which booths to visit. She was able to translate very well and to also provide additional insight into their operations.

      Once I was done with my work early one day, she was able to provide a tour of the International Sculpture Park and other parts of the city. She picked a great restaurant for lunch, outside the market, and knew all the tricks of the trade when it came to taxis, tipping, etc.

      Selina was very pleasant, fun and knowledgable. She can provide full translation, guide and sourcing services. I highly recommend her for your next business visit to Yiwu.

      Kenn Dodson
      United States
    • Selina was great, Pompt, language skills were very good,known market well+ was able to negotiate on my behalf, would recommend highly
    • Selina is a working hard and a lovely girl, it was a pleasant work and meet her in Yiwu, she speaks a good english, she is flexible and very hopeful.

      Hope to work with her next time!

      Thanks a lot freeiva team.

      Mayra Fuzara
    • Selina was great, prompt,language skills were very good, known market well + was able to negotiate on my behalf, would recommend highly.

    • Selina was extremely polite and prompt,every morning for her time meeting us. without her help we would not have been able to have a successful trip.

      Anthony Monfet
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