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Professional English Interpreter and Business Assistant in Beijing

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  • Eileen H.

    #811338  / Female, Age:32 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Beijing

    Available travel to: Shijiazhuang and others


    Honest, enthusiastic, responsible.

    With good communication skills and a positive attitude, I am both efficient and reliable and
    take great pride in ensuring my clients get top standard service every time.


    English: Excellent

    Work Experience: 14 Year(s)

    Major: English

  • By Industry: Total 8 Customers

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    In my spare time, I like jogging, swimming, reading and dancing. My health hobbies give me a positive attitude towards life. I would like to provide genuine service for you on meeting your various needs.

    Education Background
    University of Beijing Language and Culture, BA, English Literature, Sep 2009- June 2013

    Previous Experience
    1. The 20th Sino-Dental 2015 at National Convention Center(Beijing)
    I worked for Zhengzhou Zetin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Their products are porcelain furnace, dental zirconia sintering furnace, etc., I have successfully helped the boss to make deal with 2 dealers which worth more than 91,000RMB.
    2. World's Leading Wines
    Assistant to the General Manager of a British Company in translation and reception dealing with foreign wine exporter and Chinese importer.
    3. Interpreted for An American costumer
    He is looking for investment in his LNG project. I helped him for business meeting with Chinese off-takers. The business goes well. I also guided him and his wife to The Great Wall and shopping in Beijing and some other daily needs. They are very impressive about Chinese culture and custom. Afterwards, I have done some written translation for them. We built a very good friendship with each other.
    4. Interpreted for an Education company
    It is a public class about IELTS( International English Language Testing System ) with over 100 students, As a result, half of students signed the class.

    5. Interpreted and Tour Guided in the Jewelry Display at National Exhibition Center

    6. Have attended many expos and shows, such as International pet show, OUTDOOR LIVING, air cleaner show; clothes expo and etc.

    Futher more, I am willing to travel on business and ensure you a pleasant trip in China.

    Looking forward to working for you.

    Best regards


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    • 1. The Attitude of Interpretation
      A very diligent and professional approach.
      2. The Level of Interpretation
      A very competent and friendly translator on the meetings.
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    Industry Eileen is familiar with:

    . Advertisement/Marketing
    . Agriculture
    . Apparel & Fashion
    . Automobile
    . Business Services
    . Computer Hardware & Software
    . Construction & Real Estate
    . Electrical Equipment & Supplies
    . Energy
    . Environment
    . Health & Beauty
    . Industrial Supplies
    . Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear
    . Travel / Leisure

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