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  • Frankie G.

    #14594  / Male, Age:43 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Guangzhou

    Available travel to: Shenzhen and others


    - Supply chain consulting.
    - Speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese fluently.
    - Professional in Sourcing/Factory Visits/Negotiation/Quality Control/Inspection/Shipping, with 19 years experience. Can provide one stop sourcing service and make your business in China successful and easy!


    English: Excellent
    Cantonese: Excellent
    Mandarine: Excellent

    Has study experience in UK
    Has work experience in UK

    Work Experience: 21 Year(s)

    Major: Economics & Management

  • By Industry: Total 145 Customers

  • Details Reviews(46)

    Hello from China!
    Welcome to my channel, For the last 19 years I've been working with clients from all over the world large and small. I like to say, "I take the things that are hard for you to do in your home country and make it easy for you and save you money". I started out as a professional interpreter/translator but times have changed and so have I. Here in China, everyone is an "Interpreter" a "Translator" or a "Sourcing Agent" but those titles really don't help to qualify if that person is right for you.

    After 19 years you learn that each and every customer is different. I might receive a call from a customer in the USA that will send me a picture of an item and wants me to find a factory and get the item shipped to FBA. Other customers might just need translation services or help with contacting suppliers due to the language barrier. I'll work with you as your needs change so that I am providing the maximum impact in the areas that are more difficult to do from your home country.

    So if you are looking for someone that is honest, reliable and just plain easy to work with, I'm your guy. I can assist with any aspect of the supply chain management from China to your country including logistics, sourcing, factory visits, quality control, inspection or just someone to translate for you at the Canton Fair. Let me help you make the journey into sourcing products from China easy and more profitable.

    1. Sourcing Products: Wholesale markets or OEM with Factories.
    2. Quality Control: Your person on the ground in China!
    3. Translation/Interpretation: I'll help you get your message across.
    4. Transportation/Guide: Come to China and we will visit factories together. I'm one of the few that will actually drive you to where we need to go. It just makes sense.
    5. Shipping/Logistics: Air, Sea or Ground. Let me handle this for you.
    6. Visiting China: Canton Fair, Global Sources, Factory Visits, etc - Let me put you at ease, call me and I can arrange.

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Frankie Gu
    Supply Chain Consulting
    Guangzhou, China

    Some Interpretation Experience:

    1. Canadian grillguard company: Have sourced products like grillguard, eyebolts, towpins, sand paper, gloves etc. And traveled with clients to Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan etc. for business trip and suppliers visits. Also provided services like ordering, following up orders, pushing factories for on time delivery, quality control, arrange shipping etc. Made huge savings for clients.

    2. Nustar Windows & Doors Ltd: I have been to UK for two months' on site interpretation for installation, testing and production running of PVC extrusion machinery and toolings.

    3. Guangzhou Simpact Electronics Co.,Ltd: Being an interpreter for clients to attend Hong Kong Global Source Fair for electronic products.

    4. China Shaogang Iron and Steel Group: CSG had several big projects and imported the latest slab caster, rolling mill machines from Italy and Germany. Being an interpreter and translator, praised by the experts from over 10 counties such as USA, UK, Germany, Italy etc. during the installation, commission, production and performance testing.

    5. Yingpai Wood Co.,Ltd: Went to Liberia, Cote D'ivoire and Kenya 20 days as wood business interpreter.

    6. S.M.I International Trading Company: Being a sourcing agent for American clients for ordering garments, shoes and handbags. And provided one stop sourcing services like sampling, ordering, negotiating, following up production schedule, inspection and arrange shipping for clients.

    7. Nevada Commission on Tourism: Being an interpreter and tour guide for Director of Nevada Commission on Tourism.

    8. Cardinal Group: Had been working five years with American project and quality managers to improve factory 5S, machines, efficiency, quality and process of precision Auto parts. And had a lot of technical meetings with American and factory engineers.

    9. Intersky International Trading Company: Being an interpreter for business negotiation for Chinese and German clients.

    10. Mosaka International Co., Ltd: Being a sourcing agent for Saudi Arabia clients for engineering parts, negotiation and quality control for production and till the whole project was finished.

    11. Hop International Imports: Being an interpreter & sourcing agent 10 days for South Africa clients and arranged factories visits and meetings, and doing markets investigation.

    12. MingLu IMP. & EXP. TRADING CO., LTD: Being a sourcing agent for clients from USA for shoes sourcing and business negotiation.

    13. DREAM ENTERTAINMENT Company: Being an interpreter & sourcing agent for Japanese clients.

    14. Eminart Electric Co., Ltd: Being a sourcing agent for German clients for electric products, help clients to place an order, negotiate, QC and arrange shipping.

    15. Ajanta Leather Fashions Ltd: Being an interpreter & sourcing agent for clients for leather, handbag and hardware sourcing.

    16. Jinbao Trading & Consultant Co., Ltd: Being an interpreter for Chinese and French clients for business investment cooperation.

    17. ETC Company: Being a sourcing agent for Estonian clients for furniture, sofa cloth and ceramic sourcing from placing the order to shipping orders to clients.

    18. WK Trading Co.: Being Canton Trade Fair interpreter & sourcing agent for American clients, and accompany clients to Shanghai & Qingdao etc. as business interpreter, provide one stop sourcing services to clients.

    19. German API Facade Consultant Co.,Ltd: Being an interpreter and sourcing agent for German expert for curtain wall projects in London and Macau.

    20. Zhenjie Machinery Co., Ltd: Being an interpreter for clients from USA, Germany for CNC machines factory visits and follow up the the whole order.

    21. Australian Real Estate Company: Being an interpreter for clients from Australia to promote their Real Estate projects, got some clients from Guangzhou who would like to buy house and do investment in Australia.

    Available Jobs:

    - Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
    - Exhibitions / Trade Shows
    - Business Meeting / Negotiations
    - Market Research
    - Help Client Set up Office
    - Business Companion
    - Secretary Service
    - Personal Tour Guide
    - Show Local Culture/ Food /Shopping/ Entertainment...

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    average rating: ( 46 reviews ) Write a review
    • Excellent & knowledgable!
      Thank you!

      Brijesh Chambayil
    • Frankie has been an invaluable asset to us on our business trip. He is very approachable, respectful and knowledgable. Not only did he provide the agree-upon interpreter service, has has assisted with general help+information, and has also provided transportation for us. We highly recommend Frankie! We look forward to working with him again.

      Abdullah Davids
    • Frankie is highly professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.
      I couldn't recommend him more highly.
      "First class"!

      Michael Quinn
    • Finding Frankie has been one of the greatest things for my business. Frankie is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of sourcing products, has a perfect understanding of English, and above all is a ton of fun to travel around with. From now on all of my business dealings and travels in China will involve Frankie's help.

      Kenneth Freeman (USA)
    • This being our first trip to China to attend the fair, hiring Frankie Gu was definitely worth our time & money. He attended to all our requests, concerns & queries with the most positive attitude and with a friendly disposition.

      He communicated with our suppliers. He got quotations for us. He called our Airlines to change our ticket. I lost my cellphone and he called all the stores at the Mall looking for my phone. He managed to find my phone after
      numerous calls on my behalf. Nothing was too difficult for Frankie. He is very professional! I do not hesitate to highly recommend Frankie. Treat him as if you would want to be treated and he will move mountains for you. He
      was one of the highlights of our China trip.

      Frankie is an honest, genuine, kind person! He has got your back!!

      Sylvia Craig-Kapu (Samoa)
    • Very professional and nice understanding with business !

      Rajat Bothra
    • Frankie has been phenomenal ! We wouldn't recommend anyone else, because he was the best.
      His level of knowledge was outstanding. We learned so much in such a short time. We can't wait until the next time we are back in China to source with Frankie. Such an amazing guy.
      We will let all of our friends and colleagues know. He is not only our tour guide, but our friend :)

      Justin Kratish
    • Very good ,would use him again !

      --Richard Eglinton (UK)
    • Frankie was a wonderful guide and help us a lot at the fair. We really appreiate the translation skill.

      Dennis Hagemann (German)
    • Very Good and Friendly.

      Hans Schunselaar
    • Frankie was very pleasant to do business with. He was very professional, showed up 15 minutes early and was helpful with introductory supplier meetings.

      Patrick Wallain(Canada)
    • Frankie did a great job!
      A pleasure to have him as my team. Thank you!

      Marc Bortz (USA)
    • Frankie was fantastic!
      Highly recommend.

      Ben Sinclair, Aim Hire
    • Hi, very good and professional! Would recommend to friend or work people :)

      Edward Stout
    • Frankie has been extremely helpful. I saved a lot of time having him to guide me around China & translate the language for me. Without him I would have been lost. I will use him again for future business in China.

      Richard Van Wieren
    • From our first contact with Frankie he was very professional. Our email were answered quickly and efficiently and nothing was a trouble. Frankie picked us up on time and had everything organised for us, make our trip hassle free. Frankie would be invaluable to anyone doing business in China and we highly recommend him and his sourcing skills.

      Davina Snyders
    • Frankie exceeded my expectations. His communication and planning was exceptional, which made my job e very easy. I was able to talk in fluent English and he understood perfectly. He is polite and friendly and his smile was infectious.

      Rick Bazerghi
    • "Frankie was a tremendous asset to our visit and interaction with the factory we visited. He went above and beyond, and was willing to go the extra mile. Honest, focused, and straight forward with his advice and recommendations. Highly recommend, and we will seek him out for future services."

      Christopher Cox
    • Frankie is good person, smart and active. Wish him all best in his career!

      Saudi Arabia
    • Frankie has been a pleasure to work with, he has good English skill and has helped us with our questions. We would recommend him to others.

      Versha Patel

      David Steele
    • Very good to work with Frankie.
      Easy to communicate. Highly recommended!

      Andres Torres
    • Frankie spoke better English than the factory people. He was a great asset for the day . Thank you !

      Carl Tenbrink
    • Everything was beyond excellent.
      Very very pleased!!!

      Ashley Dance
      Unite States
    • Frankie was excellent in every way ,very friendly ,nothing was a problem . Would definitely not hesitate to recommend Frankie +his services again .Highly recommended !

      Jane Matley
    • Frankie was very helpful and informative. He was ask to help me source many manufacturers and helped me find great price points for the items I was looking for.

      Will Cappelletti (USA)
    • Frankie possess a lot of good and helpful characteristics:
      -Full of initiatives/always proactives.
      -Always in alert mode and attentive to our needs.
      -Very good command in English and have a lot of vocabularies.
      -Frankie is also understand our need and can keep up with our pace (fast translation).
      Love to work with him again in the future.

      Indonesia (Harry Mranata)
    • Frankie was exceptional. He worked hard to find suppliers that met our need and went above and beyond my expectation many times. I'm thrilled to recommend him and will continue to use his services going forward.

      Robert Van Zandt (USA)
    • Frankie went above and beyond our expectations. During our business trip to China we would have been lost without him. I highly recommend Frankie for any business or pleasure needs anyone may have.We will definitely be using Frankie again.

      Justin Arowcavage
    • Very accomodating in all business transactions and dealings with the suppliers... He is concerned and responsible for all our concerns. Helps us make all negotiations and coordinations very accessible to give us a peace of mind. Very professional ^_^

      Leslie Chua (Phillipine)
    • Frankie was invaluable in accomplishing my business goals. His English skills are great. He is very detailed and absolutely great to work with. My Chinese partners had good respect for his skills.
      Will absolutely hire him again.

      USA, Benajmin Linder
    • Our business meeting went very well.
      Without Frankie it would have been very hard.
      He is very helpful, excellent communicator and has done a fantastic job.
      We will definitely be using Frankie again for our upcoming trips to China.

      Austrilia, Matthew Mc Tighe
    • Frankie is very nice and professional. He is also punctual, comes on time. He was also help us negotiate for the best rates and terms for the office furniture. Getting Frankie made us stay in China more efficient for business. He even helped us interpret contracts. Thank you for his performance!

      Vivian Guerrero & Heide
    • Frankie speaks English well, is cheerful and patient, and always on time. Frankie not only provided translation service but helped us navigate Guangzhou and surrounding area, located suppliers, helped negotiate deals and arrange meals. He quickly grasped our requirement saving us a lot of time.

      Joanna Yu (Canada)
    • Frankie has been great for our first visit to Shenzhen. Not only has he helped us with communication, his experience with other companies helped him to show us things we may have missed and to validate our assessments.
      As well as being an enjoyable and friendly person to spend time with. I recommend Frankie!

      Joshua Ludgate (Canada)
    • Frankie was our contact for our trip to Guangzhou.We have tried to do some purchasing in China in the past, but it has been very difficult to set up appointments and meet with the correct companies.
      I spent 2 days traveling around the Guangzhou area with Frankie, and he found many options for all of the parts and suppliers we were looking for, he\'s been great help for us! And our company can save thousands of dollars! I bellieve that we won\'t be able to do this successfully without Frankie! I highly recommend Frankie!

      Ryan (Canada)
    • Frankie has been absolutely incredible, very bright, on the case. Everything ran very smoothly. Has a lot more than just an interpreter.
      Will definitely use Frankie again on my next trip.
      Thank you Freevia.

      Jasmine Johal(UK)
    • It was my first time to China, Frankie made good arrangements for my suppliers visit, he’s very professional.

      Stefannus Rheeder (South Africa)
    • He’s totally familiar with the clothing and handbag wholesales markets so well and it’s a good help! Frankie’s excellent!

      Gregory (USA)
    • Frankie did a great sourcing job for us, he helps to place orders, follow up with factories, do inspection, arrange shipping, he made our purchasing in China so easy. It’s said that it’ll be getting cheaper to buy in Vietnam and Thailand, but how can I find someone like Frankie there ?!

      Nick (Canada)
    • I have been doing business with Chinese companies over 10 years and using lots of different interpreters before, Frankie is so good that all my team like him. He’s very knowledgeable and answered almost all our questions, we called him GOOGLE!

      Scott (USA)
    • Frankie is the best interpreter ever since my staying in China for last 20 years, he’s a smart and hard working guy, I can’t imagine how easy and successful I would be if I had found Frankie 20 years ago!

      Anthony (Australia)
    • We thank you for having the interpreter Frankie Gu indicated during our trip to China.

      Frankie was extremely attentive and smart. In a short time he had learned a lot about our business and products. He planned our visits to factories with efficiency. Besides the business, Frankie explained everything about Chinese culture and about the city of Guangzhou.
      We like a lot of Frankie. The next time we go to China certainly will get in touch with InterpreterSky asking the same interpreter.
      Thanks InterpreterSky.

      We'll talk next year.

      Best regards,

      Mr. Caio Rocha
      Director of International Purchasing
      Country: BRAZIL
    • We achieved our objectives, the business had its stressful moments. Frankie's charming, patient personality was vital in making the difference between success and failure. We will definitely be working with him again and highly recommend him.

      MICHAEL TRIPP & Jasmine Johal (UK)
    • Very helpful, has a good sense of humor, very good English. Frankie has an answer almost any question. I will call him again when I come back to China.

      Jaser Shibly
    • Frankie is very professional and we feel very satisfied with the service!
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