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Professional,rich in experiences,have got most great comments!

51 reviews    Total booked: 476 days    Trust Points: 5600

  • Rose S.

    #13103  / Female, Age:41 / Bachelor Degree

    City of residence: Shanghai


    As a business assistant,I'm very responsible and considerate for my clients's requests.To fulfill my clients's targets and help them to make their business successful are my tasks and pleasure.i'm good at communications,for more details please check the comments from my clients,thanks:)!


    English: Excellent
    Japanese: Simple Communication

    Work Experience: 22 Year(s)

    Major: English

  • By Industry: Total 48 Customers

  • Details Reviews(51)

    Hi everybody, so nice to meet you here! Thanks for browsing my profile!This is the sunshine girl--Rose^_^, originally from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Reagion,the ancient and mysterious west area of China like Tibet...

    I am an enthusiastic, sincere, and sweet girl. I have a sharp wit, and a great sense of humor. I'm easy-going and thoughtful, as well as a wonderful listener. I love great conversation and I can be very entertaining. I am an excellent singer and dancer as well. You definitely won't be bored with me! I always try to help my clients in any way I can to make sure they have a fun, positive, rich, travel experience. Wanna wonderful help and great fun??? Don't forget I'm a quiet-and-crazy mixture---pleasant and fun assistant, interpreter and guide, just unique and special! So, why not come to join me soon then^_^??? I will try to charm you with my personality and great service!

    I have also worked as a business interpreter, personal assistant and cooperator for some western businessmen in food, medical instruments, technical, mechanical, electronic and machinery... industries. Therefore, I have plenty of experiences in helping my clients with marketing, sourcing, meetings... I always take pains to learn new knowledge by myself and prepare a lot for the tasks, and always try my best to figure out my clients and their customers' real potential needs and requests, try to do a perfect job for both of them. I'm very attentive to every word and question while working since I really understand how important the business is to my clients, and certainly I have to be responsible for the final results and effects more or less, therefore, I can't dare to make any mistakes! The most happy thing to me is I could get compliments from my satisfying clients in the end.

    During summer vacations at university I worked as an English tour guide part-time. I passed the exam and got my license for National English Guide in 2001. My tourists say I'm a wonderful guide due to my sincere attitude, good work ethics, and excellent knowledge of city and Chinese culture.

    I've been to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao(Tsingtao), Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Weihai and Xinjiang. So I have had many unforgettable tour experiences in China. If you like, I can tell you many interesting things about Chinese culture.

    I can help you with the arrangement for your trip, and make recommendations for a good hotel according to your needs, choose a perfect bar according to your taste, as well as tell you about all the good restaurants and shopping. Also I can recommend any scenic spots or special places you're interested in!
    You can surely count on me for everything since I'm a professional guide. I look forward to enhancing your travel experience in China to make it a very memorable one. I hope to meet you soon and have fun together! You will have an excellent time with me!

    Available Jobs:

    - Sourcing & Visiting Factories / Suppliers
    - Exhibitions / Trade Shows
    - Business Meeting / Negotiations
    - Market Research
    - Help Client Set up Office
    - Business Companion
    - Secretary Service
    - Personal Tour Guide
    - Show Local Culture/ Food /Shopping/ Entertainment...

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    • Thank you! We were both very grateful for Rose's help today.Excellent in all respects.

      Gary from Australia
    • Rose was the best English speaking interpreter we have ever used.In our Four trips to China,we have never had such an intelligent,smart and witty interpreter as Rose.She was very accomodating,respectful and pleasant.

      Bryan (Owner)
    • Excellent language skills,highly professional and enthusiastic.Charming personality and great fun.I would definitely recommend to others.Outstanding experience for me. (Nicholas)
    • I'm so happy with my guide Rose,she is very kind and gentle.Thank you! Sadeq (Managing Diractor)
    • Rose did a splendid job working for me at the MEDTEC Expo in Shanghai.

      She was gracious enough to meet me at the maglev station on 06,Sep and assisted with getting me to the Sheraton Hotel.We used that time to discuss the Bespak products that planned to promote at the Expo.

      Prior to my arrival,Rose communicated with me via email,taking extra time to prepare herself and make sure she represented my company well.

      Very quickly after we began exhibition,Rose was able to hold basic discussions with potential customers without my assistance,which also freed me up to conduct other business at the Expo.As part of her preparation,Rose took extra time to look up specific technical terms that could come up in discussion with customers.

      Rose has an excellent command of the English language,we never had any trouble understanding each other,we worked well together.She has an excellent personality for trade show work,I would be happy to work with her again.

      Best Rgards!

      Joe Masci


    • Rose was a great guide! She was very informative about lots of Chinese culture which we found very interesting and she kept everything very entertaining.
      Thank you! This was a great thing to do!

      Elliot Walker(MD)
    • Rose has been an exceptional experience, I would highly recommend her services to anyone! She is very professional, a great interpreter and conducts herself very well. I really appreciate having her in the business meeting to convey my thoughts to my suppliers.

      Gordon Heck
    • Rose was very helpful and pleasant. She was very nice to be with and took us everywhere we wanted to go. Thanks!

      Donna Stone
    • Rose has been a wonderful guide during our trip to Shanghai. She is so friendly and helpful. She had so many fun suggestions of things to do. We have many great memories with her.
      Thank you!

      Larry Abeyta & Julianne Abeyta
    • Rose was a very fun and enjoyable person to take me around China. Her effort and care make my experience here in China a memorable one.
      Rose was also particularly good at dealing with the manufacturers at the factories we visited.
      She always kept good conversation with them and me and make the communication very easy and comfortable.
      I look forward to using Rose again for my next trip to China!

      Rupert Mackinnon
    • Thanks for arranging Rose, we had a good day.

      Steve Finlayson (General Manager)
    • Rose was very knowledgable about Chinese culture and the sights we visited, chose and planned our day very well.

      Robert Stearns
    • Our guide was Rose and we had a great time with her. She helped us very much, without her, we would have had been totally lost.
      Thank you very much and if we visit Shanghai next time, we will use Rose again!

      Hendrik Kleine
    • Great guide, works hard and speaks very very good English. Def recommend to others if you want a good time in Shanghai.

      Edmond Ng
    • Rose's service was very good! Thank you!

      Dominic DeCore

    • Rose showed an amazing, friendly and helpful personality the entire trip. I will be definately using her again on my next trip to China.

      Matthew Gill
    • Translation:
      I think that Rose did a very good transaltion of all my technical and specific subjects regarding lines of products in the dental field. Even if many words are very specific of this field, She was very well prepared to translate all my speeches during the Exhibition Dentech 2007.

      As was my first time in Shanghai, with Rose have had the possibility to touch some of the most important places of the city experiencing a little bit the Chinese way of living.

      Rose is a very professional IVA, She hears to the customer's needs and she is able to prepare programs in order to satisfy the customer both from a professional point of view and to a "tourist" point of view.

      Thanks for your perfect work!
    • To the manager Freeiva,
      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your introduction to Miss Rose Sun! She has been a most polite host in your city of Shanghai.
      Rose has excellent people skills and is willing at all times to make our stay in Shanghai both pleasant and comfortable.
      She is indeed a great asset to your company!
      Robert Jones
    • Rose has a graceful style and was an excellent tour, shopping and Shanghai guide! I highly recommend her!

      Frank Powell
      Rainbow Seafood, Inc.

    • If you need a tour guide in Shanghai, Rose would be your best choice! She gave me perfect service during my visit in Shanghai and Hangzhou. She is a very good guide with many ideas to offer and be considered. Rose acts in a professional manner, but also friendly, cheerful and helpful.

      Erez Kaufman
      Corporate Executive

    • Rose was an excellent translator and I was very impressed with her abilities and professionalism in business environments. Rose is skilled in business and leisure settings, she also has a large understanding of English vocabulary.

      Jeff Sarlitt

    • Rose has been a delight. With her cheerful demeanor, excellent English and professional attitude, she is a gem!
      I will not hesitate to call upon her again the next time I'm in Shanghai!
    • If you need a tour guide in Shanghai, I can assure you that Rose would be the perfect choice. I had two very enjoyable days in her company while she showed the sights of Shanghai.
      Rose is a very charming person, actually, she is more beautiful than her pics, and she is full of ideas to help you see the sights.Many thanks!
    • Dear Freeiva,

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine service that you provided during my recent trip to Shanghai. Rose was our interpreter, business assistant and tour guide. During the business meetings she handled herself in a very professional manner and made a fun tour guide as well.

      Please pass on my thanks to Rose, and feel free to use me as reference for future potential clients.


      Robert Insalaco

    • Thank you, Rose! You are one of the best guides that I have ever seen!!!
    • Rose was my tour guide in Shanghai. She was very helpful and professional. Her English is excellent, and she is very knowlegable. She was very helpful and accommodating. She listened to what I wanted to see in Shanghai and offered other suggestions as well.
      Overall, I am very happy with the service. I would definitely recommend her and use freeiva.com again in future travels to China. Thank you!
    • Rose performed an excellent service. She gave me lots to do and was very knowledgable. She was also very funny and kept me entertained the whole time we were together. I thoroughly recommend her to any visitor new to Shanghai.
    • I visited Suzhou and Shanghai, Rose is a very pleasant person to be with, I'd rate her highly. Excellent work, Rose!
    • I had Rose worked with me on my business trip to Guangzhou, Foshan,Wenzhou and Shanghai. Rose did a wonderful job of contacting the companies I most needed to see and getting me face to face with their key executives.
      I lead a very small company, but Rose's professional manner projected an image of me that really helped me accomplish my business objective.
      Rose's English is excellent and she is a great conversationalist. It was immediately obvious to think that Rose was not a translator but a valued colleague!
      Rose is witty, has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend Rose to anyone who wants to have a happy and successful business trip!
      Thank you Rose for making my trip a success!
    • Rose was absolutely fantastic---I had one of the best times I ever had on a business trip! It was unforgettable and she is wonderful!
    • Rose is great! I had a lot of fun with her in Hangzhou!Thanks!
    • During our various business meetings and visit to the Transport Logistic Conference at Shanghai, Rose's cooperation and assistance was very much appreciated. We found Rose capable to handle business translations, able to quickly interpret from English language into Chinese and from Chinese language to English.
      We also found Rose to be able to relate to the needs of her clients and give good advice. Rose also seems to have good knowledge of Shanghai and the local area. We are quite satisfied with Rose's performance and thank her for her good support and assistance.
      We shall also look forward to her support during our future visits to Shanghai and China.
    • Rose is a great friend. She made my visit quite easy and interesting. Whenever I am in Shanghai, she is the one I'm going to request for. Her skills are wonderful. I appreciate the help I got from her very much!
    • Rose is a wonderful interpreter and great tour guide,very sweet and professional,exactly as what she writes about herself in her profile! Thanks!
    • Rose is a very charming, helpful, and intelligent IVA who can get anything done! It's impossible not to like her....She's sincere about wanting to make your trip successful, yet her personality makes it fun, whether you're working or vacationing.
      Very patient in teaching Chinese, excellent English, connects with people, good communicator!
    • Pleasant hospitality provided. An extensive and well planned guide to Shanghai.
    • Rose was an excellent guide, always kind and approachable, with a very detailed knowledge of all matters of sightseeing. Her English is perfect. I would book her as my tour guide again if I travel to China next time!
    • Dear Iva,
      I was very impressed with Rose's Interpretation, inderstanding of our needs as a company and her professionalism. She was very helpful with all of our business needs. I will definitely recommend your company to others as well as use your service, and Rose again when I return to China!
      Thank you!
    • Amazing lady, very sweet! She is an asset to your company. A very good companion and very honest.
    • I had an exceptional time with Rose during my short visit to Shanghai, I couldn't ask for a better person to show me around and be with, she's a very interesting, intelligent, charming, fun and delightful girl!
      I would recommend her to anyone who wants to see Shanghai and be in the company of a very beautiful woman inside and outside!
    • I want to thank you and your representative Rose for making my visit here in Shanghai a very memorable one. I found that Rose was most professional and knowledgeable about your city Shanghai. She made me feel at ease and comfortable and felt that I can be myself and ask many questions. She is full of energy and has a very positive attitude. I highly recommend her to any of your clients.
    • Excellent service! I was very happy with Rose! She's been very helpful and enthusiastic. I'm amazed having such a wonderful companion like her!
    • Rose is a very pleasant companion, I enjoyed her service very much! I would like to highly recommend her to everyone!
    • Rose is a very professional, intelligent and hardworking guide. She is very enthusiastic,she always trys to do her best to meet my requests, and her recommendations were the best.I had a very good time with Rose.
    • We would like to thank Rose for her guidance and generous hospitality during our stay in Shanghai. Her knowledge of the city and her suggestions were invaluable in helping us make the most of our short stay. She was articulate, intelligent and extremely flexible with her schedule.We will not hesitate to give Rose our highest recommendation and look forward to enlisting her services on future visits.
    • Rose is a very pleasant company-- I had a very nice dinner time with her!

    • Rose is a great guide and I had an awesome wonderful time with her in Shanghai. Her command of English is great and she is a good communicator!
    • Rose is an exceptionally hard working, attentive tour guide. She has a positive personality and is very enthusiastic. She is a very professional guide and knows the good sites to see, and makes great recommendations.
      Her language skills are excellent. She is a very fun person to be with, I had a very good time. I can highly recommend her to other people that would use this type of service.

    • Rose is very good with her English! She was very fun and entertaining! She was very interesting company for the evening. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wonderful time in Shanghai!
    • I really enjoyed my trip with Rose, she's fantastic! I had a lot of fun with her. I hope to see her again if I could visit China next time!
    • We enjoyed Rose's service in Shanghai very much. She tried very hard help us in very details of our trip to Shanghai from choosing an approperate hotel to the creation of our tour plan.

      In Shanghai she tried her best to complete our tour plan and to explain everything patiently and carefully in details to us.

      Because of her bright and charming personality, we got along very well with her immediately. Her English is excellent and though our daily tour got very long, she was always smiling,friendly, and humorous to us and tried to make the tour go smoothly and to make us happy all the time. She always tried to consider for us first in any aspects which we did appreciate it very much!!!

      We can be sure that Rose is professional, hardworking, patient, considerated, funny and glamorous.

      We enjoyed the wonderful time with Rose in Shanghai very much. Thank you very much for the trip that we will miss for years!

      Yours faithfully,Carly
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